Institutional Development Area


The Institutional Development Area is responsible for implementing an institutional system that facilitates the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the interventions, their systematization in order to consolidate “intervention technologies”. As well as mechanisms, tools and institutional channels both communication and institutional relationship that make known the Foundation, its services and that facilitate the generation of opportunities in the medium and long term.

General Objective

Generate the necessary tools to institutionalize the interventions of the Foundation and incorporate its intervention technology, so as to promote its operational excellence, as well as the sustainability, replicability and scalability of its interventions.

Strategic Objectives

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation: Improve process efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the results of the Foundation’s interventions, based on the generation of information supporting the design, monitoring and evaluation of its interventions.

Knowledge Management: Promote the sustainability and scalability of the Foundation’s interventions based on the systematization of the processes and the lessons learned, this favoring innovation within the institution.

Strategic Communication and Institutional Relationship: Create tools and communication channels with the Foundation’s target groups, to publicize the scope of their interventions and generate short, medium and long-term opportunities for their Intervention Areas.

Administration and human resources: Provide administrative support for the internal functioning and external transactions of the Foundation, in addition to promoting the development of its human capital and the consolidation of its team.

1. Project Reports

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2. Impact Evaluations

GIIRS Ratings & Analytics for Impact Investing.

3. Case Studies

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