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We are a private non-profit institution

Working from the person has taught us that, through access to knowledge, financing, and markets, we can achieve the consolidation of more and better dynamic impact-driven companies. By connecting these companies with other actors in the ecosystem, we aim to achieve shared and sustainable prosperity in the country.

Fundación Innovación en Empresariado Social was established as an independent institution in January 2010, building on the experience gained over more than 10 years as a Program of the PRODEM Foundation.

IES firmly believes that to achieve widespread prosperity and reduce poverty, we must increase people’s income. It understands that creating value in society, under this paradigm, is through the establishment of more and better dynamic impact-driven companies.

The IES Foundation contributes knowledge, experience, networks, and professionals to work on entrepreneurial and business ecosystem development. It promotes access to appropriate financing and knowledge for the growth of ventures and companies.

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