Scope of Specific Interventions


In this area, the interventions or services (Company Portfolio, Business Services and Institutional Consulting) that the Foundation has or offers are in the acceleration phase and seek to be independently sustainable in the medium term.



Since 2001, the Foundation has invested venture capital in agro-industrial sector companies, becoming one of the oldest SME investment funds in the country. The Fund invested approximately 10 million dollars in 14 companies.

IES has already divested from most of its investments and currently holds equity participation in only 4 companies, which it will gradually divest from in the coming years.

Additionally, in 2012, the Foundation supported the creation of the Closed Investment Fund Pyme Progreso (as an investor and technical advisor).

Upon reaching the intended period for which it was created (10 years), the Fund is now in the closing stage.

The document “An Impact Investment Adapted to Developing Countries: The IES Case in Bolivia” by viva idea provides a summary of experiences and lessons learned in this area.



To make the companies profitable and transfer the equity participation of Fundación IES to other investors.


  • Exit from all companies within 5 to 7 years by selling the participation to another fund or investor.
  • In exceptional cases, minimize losses.
  • During our time in the companies, they should generate dividends and/or capital gains.

Business Services



Develop, implement, and scale methodologies for advising companies at different stages of development, enabling them to improve their performance and access financing and markets that will allow them to continue growing.


  • Develop our own client portfolio.
  • Implement programs to support women-led companies within the framework of specific financings.
  • Consultations
  • Consultancies

Tu Consultorio Empresarial


Between July and August 2020, Fundación IES, through its Business Services Area, designed a business advisory model based on a Virtual Office that provides specialized business information and knowledge for management decision-making.

As a result of this work, “Your Business Office” was created, a program that seeks to support companies of different sizes and degrees of development to solve their problems pragmatically with the help of a team of specialist consultants in various business areas.


At Tú Consultorio Empresarial, we believe that companies are an extension of people. Therefore, our analysis starts with the motivations of each person, their dreams. The company then becomes the tool to achieve those dreams, transforming them into reality in terms of productivity and, consequently, a way of life.

The clinic emphasizes understanding why the entrepreneur does what they do, how they perceive and conceive their company, how they face problems, manage the business, and define success.

The clinic places the entrepreneurs at the center of its services, offering practical solutions to the problems and challenges they face, with a methodology based on experience.


Promote the growth of companies in the market through advisory services that facilitate the assimilation of best practices, access to specialized knowledge, experience, and networking opportunities.

Tú Model

We start with a diagnosis, and based on it and together with the clients, we define our approach to the problem. We offer access to specialized knowledge and payment only for the time needed (consultations); access to tools to make specific operational issues more efficient (tools); and when the problem requires a specific solution, we offer tailored solutions (consultancies).

For this, the clinic has experienced specialists who understand the issues to be addressed, guiding entrepreneurs through the transfer of their knowledge, explaining regulations, methodologies, tools, best practices, lessons learned, frequently providing contacts, and generating motivation and inspiration to move forward.

Target Group

Dynamic companies from different sectors, with a growth vision, which are willing to innovate and create value.




Develop, implement, and scale methodologies for advising support institutions that facilitate access to knowledge, financing, and markets for companies and ventures at different stages of development, enabling them to improve their performance and their ability to access financing and markets that allow them to achieve sustainability in the provision of their services and, consequently, in their impact.


  • Implement programs to support institutions that facilitate access to the right knowledge, financing, and markets for companies.
  • Develop the methodology and business model for the institutional advisory service.
  • Strategic Approach – Value Proposition and Market Segment
  • Impact and Learning Management
  • Institutional Relations – Strategic Communication and Resource Management

Our Archive



On May 8, 2014, Fundación IES became the majority shareholder of the company, participating in its Board of Directors and supporting the company’s vision and strategic guidelines. Among the most significant results of these 4 years of joint work are innovative agronomic practices that led to better yields per hectare than the regional average, and the adoption of innovative and sustainable environmental practices that positioned the company as a model farm in the Central Valley of Tarija, generating positive externalities in the region.



In October 2018, Fundación IES, in collaboration with Agencia de La Paz Maravillosa and CECI, organized the first Business Forum in the tourism sector together with artisans from La Paz. The objective of this event was to boost the economy of these sectors by creating spaces for commercialization, strategic alliances, and innovation. Additionally, workshops were held for artisans on commercial strategy, CANVAS model, and preparation for the Business Forum.



FuckUp Nights where launched in Bolivia through the work and management of Fundación IES, which organized more than 17 events in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba, El Alto, and Tarija from 2015 to 2019. At these events, over 60 speakers shared their failure stories, and more than 1,400 people participated. Over 13 of these events were organized with entrepreneurs, and due to the versatility of the methodology, 4 special events were held on topics related to independent media, project evaluation, financing, and international cooperation. The events aimed to promote shared knowledge and experiences to generate valuable information for budding entrepreneurs and established business owners, as well as to demystify failure as something negative in their lives.