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Tayka Community Hotels’ Network

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First year of investment


Tayka Hotel Network responds to a dream: to engage members of communities in southern Potosí, a region with one of the highest poverty rates, in their own development.

The Tayka Hotels Network was conceived in response to a call by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) that, in 2000, launched a nationwide contest for the execution of a project that promoting community tourism ventures. The IES Foundation, then PRODEM Foundation, wins the contest and proposes a unique model unlike any previous models a) a project based on three actors: the IES Foundation, a private tourism operator partner, and the Community Associations that would be financed with BID resources, but in which the three partners should also contribute b) a model promoting the generation of prosperity in the communities of South Lipez through the creation of lasting companies c) a model of corporate governance where the IES Foundation and the Community Associations would manage the Hotels together for 15 years, after whicn these Associations will remain as sole owners.

Currently the Tayka Hotels Network is made up of three hotels. The Tayka de Sal Hotel from Tahua S.R.L, located in the town of Tahua, whose Community Association is called ATIPA (Association of Beneficiaries of the Community Ecotourism Network Project of Tahua Tunupa Inti Pueblo Andino); the Tayka de Piedra Hotel of San Pedro de Quemes SRL, located in the town of the same name, whose Community Association is called ACOSAPEQ (Association of Beneficiaries of the Community Ecotourism Network of San Pedro de Quemes) and the Tayka of the Desert Hotel of Ojo de Perdiz SRL whose Community Association is called ACOTA (Association of Beneficiaries of the Community Ecotourism Network Project of Zoniquera Tucuypaj Allin).

Intervention Description

At the beginning of 2002, the Foundation developed a project to build a network of hotels in partnership with the communities of the southwestern region of the Potosí department. Since then, and for over ten years, time, money and enthusiasm have been invested in the development of a unique project.

The “Tayka Model”

In the “Tayka model” each Community Association owns a percentage of the Hotel, therefore, receiving part of the dividends. At the same time, each Hotel is a source of work for several members of its Association, who participated not only in the construction of the Hotel but are currently employed there. Finally, each tourist visiting the Hotel makes a one-dollar contribution to a project that benefits the community. This contribution has served to improve roads, build sewage systems, provide a bonus to the elderly, among others.

Each of the Hotels has its own Board of Directors, made up of members of IES Foundation and leaders of the Community Associations. This body is responsible for making strategic decisions that help the Hotels´ growth and, consequently, benefit the partners, the communities and the entire region.

  • The Salt, Stone and Desert Hotels operate successfully in the area and the Community Associations to which they belong have been consolidated and are an active part of the operation.
  • To date, the Community Associations have received – as dividends – an important amount of resources that has allowed them to carry out projects that facilitate the improvement of their living conditions. These projects could not have been developed without the existence of the hotels and, moreover, this source of income is sustainable over time.
  • Hotels have become a reference for hotels and entrepreneurship in their respective areas of operation since, in addition to mining companies, they are the institutions that contribute the most to local development in terms of taxes.
  • ATIPA and ACOSAPEQ Community Associations will become the sole owners of their respective hotels in 2020 and the ACOTA will do so in 2021.

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