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Investment Area

Huayrihuana Agricultural Company A.S.

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Agricultural Company

Huayrihuana S.A.





First year of investment


The company, which is located in the Central Valley of Tarija, covers some 52 hectares and produces high quality grapes, nuts and rotating crops such as corn, potatoes and other vegetables.

The company was created in 2014 and, from the beginning, its main activity was the production and marketing of high quality grapes, generating a unique cultivation model through the use of techniques widely recognized by its customers.

As part of its mission, Huayrihuana stands out as a model farm which generates positive externalities to the region through the use of clean energies, additionally, all the organic material serves as an input to the primary production.

The main income is related to grape production, however, other annual crops are also produced mainly to allow the company to open up new markets and diversify its income. Huayrihuana´s products are sold in the local market, especially in Tarija.

The intervention

On May 2014, IES foundation became the majority shareholder of the company.

The intervention Model

IES Foundation participates in the Board of Directors supporting the vision and strategic guidelines of the company.


Among the most significant results of these 4 years of joint work we can highlight:

  • Innovative agronomic practices that foster greater yields per hectare than the region’s average
  • Adoption of innovative and sustainable environmental practices which allowed the company to be a model farm in the Central Valley of Tarija, generating positive externalities in the region.

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