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FuckUp Nights

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FuckUp Nights


FuckUp Nights was launched in Mexico in 2012, when 5 friends chatting in a bar, decided that they had already talked too much about success and that it was time for everyone to tell their stories of failure. The conversation was so inspiring that they decided to meet again, two weeks later, with more friends. They asked three of them to share their biggest failures, and that was the first FuckUp Night. From them on they decided to hold a monthly event, which was so successful that people from all over the world asked to take FuckUp Nights to their cities. Today FuckUp Nights are held in over 252 cities in 80 countries.


The movement seeks to promote knowledge and shared experiences so as generate valuable information for both start – up and established entrepreneurs. In these events, businessmen and businesswomen tell their stories of failure and share the lessons learned both in their professional and personal life.


The goal of FuckUp Nights as a global movement is the demystification of failure as something bad in the lives of entrepreneurs and people in general.

The FUN Model

Due to the characteristics of the franchise, the event is held in an informal environment, in which the attendees can enjoy good food and drink. To date, different bars and restaurants have hosted the event in their facilities as a sign of their commitment to developing new opportunities in the country.

In this context, four entrepreneurs present in a 7 to 10-minute period their experience of failure, as well as the most important lessons to be learned. The presentations are accompanied by a presentation consisting basically on photographs. After each presentation the entrepreneurs answer questions from the public. During and after the event, an interesting space for networking and for attendees to get to know each other experiences and talk about it.

Target Group

The movement is aimed at 3 types of people: those who failed, those who will fail and those who lie.


In Bolivia, since 2015, FuckUp Nights has been organized by the IES Foundation which, to date, has organized 17 events in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba, El Alto and Tarija, with over 60 exhibitors sharing their stories of failure. More than 1,400 people have participated. Thirteen of these events were organized with entrepreneurs and, due to the versatility of the methodology, 4 were held as special events with themes related to independent media, project evaluation, financing and international cooperation.

And we are going for more!

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