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Business Innovation Community

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Business Innovation Community


In addition to facilitating access to knowledge through direct corporate advice, one of the most valuable elements that the IES Foundation can provide to the companies it works with is access to a network of solid dynamic companies, committed to growth and generation of opportunities.

This corporate social capital is crucial for the creation of a business ecosystem that favors the creation and consolidation of business communities through the articulation of actors who, on the one hand, facilitate the access of dynamic companies to knowledge and the best possible markets for their business turnaround and, on the other, represent medium and long-term business opportunities.


The aim of the Business Innovation Community is to contribute, on the one hand, with access to knowledge, networks and contacts, that facilitate the Bolivian impact companies growth and consolidation and, on the other hand, the construction of a business citizenship that values the role of companies in development.


The construction of the Business Community will be sustained in the following activities:

  • The execution of events in which the actors can meet, understand, value each other, and also share information and knowledge that will allow them to achieve coordinated actions.
  • The circulation of information and knowledge.
  • Others to be defined according to the requirements and suggestions of the community members.
Target Group

Companies and business development institutions that are directly and indirectly related to the IES Foundation in all its areas.

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