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Producer and Marketer

Agrinuts S.A.




Santa Cruz

First year of investment


Since 2010, Agrinuts – Producer and Marketer A.S. has opened markets for Bolivian peanuts and developed technology to increase productivity in a sustainable manner: preserving the environment, taking care of the natural habitat of the product and considerably improving its quality. Thus, Agrinuts placed Bolivia on the map of countries producing and exporting high quality peanuts.
Over the years, Agrinuts has become the leading company in the production of peanuts in Bolivia. Peanuts have an ancestral origin in our country, they have been present in the diet pf indigenous cultures, usually grown on small farms.
Agrinuts produces and collects peanuts from a region called “Chaco” in the departments of Santa Cruz and Chuquisaca. The milling process takes place in Warnes, Santa Cruz and the final product is then exported to different markets.
Until March 2016 100% of the harvest was exported to the partner and main customer Holland Inter Snack Procurement, who distributed it with additional added value to other countries in Europe.
Between 2016 and 2017 the company was able to diversify its markets, consolidating new Latin-American clients who currently represent two thirds of the market.

The intervention

The company was incorporated in 2010, when it began to collect, process and export high quality peanuts.
In March 2018 IES Foundation joined the company with investment resources, committed to supporting its strategic management and consolidating its corporate governance.

The intervention Model

Currently, IES Foundation participates in the Board from where it supports the strategic guidelines of the company.

  • Given that IES Foundation has only recently invested in the company, we expect the results to materialize in the near future.

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