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Agricafe – Coffee Producer and Marketer A.S.

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Coffee Producer and Marketer

Agricafé S.A.




La Paz and Santa Cruz

First year of investment


The Coffee Producer and Marketer Agricafe A.S. is dedicated to the collection and its own production of special and regular coffee. The coffee bean is purchased from the coffee growing areas in Yungas (La Paz), Buena Vista (Santa Cruz) and, since 2017, from the “Farm Program” in Samaipata (Santa Cruz).
Once collected, the raw material is processed in the beneficiation plant of Agricabv in Caranavi and Buena Vista. This production is then exported to different markets around the world. 98% of the production is exported to United States, Europe and Japan and the remaining 2% is marketed through the Buena Vista coffee brand in the local market.

The intervention

On June 2014 IES Foundation joined the company with investment resources and the commitment to support strategic management as well as its corporate government.

The intervention Model

Currently, IES Foundation participates in Agricabv´s Board of Directors, from where it supports the vision and strategic guidelines of the company.


Among the most important results of these 4 years of joint work we can highlight:

  • The choice export coffee produced in Caranavi is very well positioned, reaching the most demanding customers in the world´s coffee market.
  • New areas of choicel coffee production have been developed, increasing the production frontier in a more inclusive way.

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