Development Area

Our role is to facilitate sustainable access to knowledge and markets.

Development Area


The role of the Development Area is to create projects that will be self-sustainable in the medium term and facilitate the access of dynamic companies to appropriate knowledge and markets that meet the needs of their business.

In this context and based on their work experience, the IES Foundation has determined that currently, the most important challenges facing the companies are (1) having the necessary analytical capabilities to understand the purchasing behavior of their target group and use that knowledge to develop tailor-made products, by managing channels and brands oriented to specific segments (strategic management oriented to the market) and (2) forming part of platforms / networks as a connection mechanism with consumers, suppliers, capital and talent which will enable them to develop rapidly and effectively while incorporating innovation.

In this way, the Foundation has set out to work on projects that (1) facilitate access to business advisory services that encourage strategic management within companies, in order to boost their growth and (2) the articulation and weaving of networks to strengthen the market systems of dynamic companies, enhancing their growth and consolidation.

General Objective

Promote the access or dynamic national companies to information and knowledge so that they can assimilate proper business practices that lead to a rapid and effective development, by responding to market demands ultimately resulting in greater economic and social impact.

Strategic Objectives

Business Services: Promote the growth of dynamic companies in the market based on support that facilitates the assimilation of proper practices, while incorporating process, product and marketing innovation.

Articulation: Encourage dynamic companies to have a better knowledge and relationship with their local business environment, so that they can access better opportunities and solve problems thus enabling them to innovate and respond to the market quickly and effectively.

Simple – Business Advisory

We approach business innovation placing the entrepreneur and his market at the center of reflection.


The IES Foundation, from its Development Area, has developed a methodology that starts from the recognition of the need to address business innovation, placing the client and market at the center of the reflection. We have proven that, from this approach, it is possible to find relevant solutions that generate value for companies and people.


Simple merges the personal dreams of entrepreneurs with those of their company. It uses tools, offers ideas and specialized business knowledge. Offers management, advice integrating content and applications of high added value through the joint development of strategies, commercial development, production processes, administrative management, managerial functions, finance, human resources and legal advice. Thus, it promotes innovation and sustainable business competitiveness.

In Simple we like to accompany and understand the businessman and his company, creating a bond of friendship that goes beyond work. We like the challenges and getting surprising results, we use tailor – made intervention methodologies that allow for simple and valuable solutions. We do not consider ourselves problem solvers, instead, we help entrepreneurs to find answers for their companies. We offer results, not just reports.


Promote the growth of dynamic companies in the market, based on advice that facilitates the assimilation of good practices and the innovation of processes, products and marketing.

The Simple Model

The methodology steams from on the entrepreneur, seeks to understand the purpose, why he does things and not only what he does. From this, he works on capturing his personal dreams through his company, generating models and business strategies oriented to the market.

Simple diagnoses, quantifies, analyzes, plans, monitors and evaluates the results obtained. The model is developed in two stages using two different types of tools. On the one hand, the diagnostic tools that allow the entrepreneur and his company to understand the development of an Action Plan and, on the other, the application of the intervention tools, tailored to the situation of each company.

The diagnosis allows, through its unique tool, to know the entrepreneur first and quantify how he understands and conceives his company, how he tackles the problems, how he manages it. The diagnosis also allows to understand the performance of the company based on its functional areas, identifying the reasons why the company cannot advance, achieve or maintain competitive advantages.

The results obtained allow the development of an Action Plan that identifies and orders the activities that the company wishes or needs to carry out in the short, medium and long term.

The intervention is executed by experts in each area, through the implementation of tools adjusted or designed according to the reality of the company. This personalized nature makes the methodology flexible enough to adapt to the situations and needs of each company.

Target Group

Dynamic companies, with vision of growth, that “do not stay put” and are willing to innovate and generate value.


IES has proposed to promote the generation of business ecosystems.


In Bolivia, high levels of poverty and vulnerability, in addition to inequitable access to opportunities and poor levels of institutionalization, have led to an environment in which rivalry prevails, stemming from on the belief that the welfare of some has a direct impact on the loss of welfare of others.

It is in this context that the IES Foundation has set out to promote the generation of business ecosystems – dynamic communities made up of diverse actors that progress together, create and capture new value, based on collaboration and competence, that facilitate access to strategic resources, necessary for the creation and development of dynamic impact companies, in the short, medium and long term.

In this way, IES Foundation proposes the creation of communities that foster corporate citizenship for all those committed to generating change through the creation of opportunities.


Promote the development of more and better dynamic companies in Bolivia, by encouraging those business communities that promote the connection and coordination of actors, and access to business opportunities and knowledge that favor innovation and creation of value.

The Social Capital Incubation Model

Events: Promote the development of physical and virtual spaces where the different actors can meet, understand and value each other. These spaces are essential for the generation of trust and the promotion of networking and cooperation. Consequently, they lead to reflection regarding experience, thus promoting innovation and the generation of value.

Information and Business Knowledge: The IES Foundation is a member of national and international institution networks that promote the development of dynamic and impact businesses. Thank to this membership it has access to valuable knowledge and contact networks for the community. Given that successful communities are capable of collecting documents, ideas, processes, anecdotes, experiences and organizing this information in a way that is useful for its own growth and that of its members, the IES Foundation will act as the coordinating axis of actors and knowledge.